[Emerald] URGENT: Authenticating but not recording call information

Franco Nogarin ( (no email) )
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:12:53 -0600

I have no idea what has happened but on 7pm on October 21, my Emerlad calls
table stopped getting call records. My emerald is working fine (So it seems)
and my radius and my portmaster are all functioning normally but I dont see
any call records after the 21st when I do a (Select * from calls) and my
time online is not working, I suspect there is a problem with my call
trigger and my calls online view.

is there a check script I can run to see if it is ok?

I am running:

Emerald 2.5.278
Radius NT 2.5.162

on NT 4 sp5 and SQL 6.5

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