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Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:06:29 -0400

Greg Hastings. I once knew a Greg Hastings in the Maumee, OH area.

John Kern

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On 10/21/99, at 9:40 AM, Greg Hastings wrote:

>This morning I discovered one customer whose account expired without=
>ever generating a renewal invoice. I can find nothing unusual about the
>setup on this account. But for some reason Auto Batch/Create does not
>generate an invoice. I can manually generate an invoice using the menu
>selection Master/Invoice Next Term.
>All of the expire dates, billed through dates, etc are correct. All=
>that I can see are the same as most other accounts.
>When I started looking at the data in the Invoices and Payments tables, I
>discovered 2 surprising things.
>1) The Invoices table records do not appear to contain any information=
>relates to payments made on that invoice or unpaid balance due on that
>2) Although the Payments table records have an InvoiceID field, none of=
>records in that table have anything recorded in the InvoiceID field. How=
>payments tied to invoices?
>So, how in the world is Emerald determining which invoices are paid, and
>which are not?
>And does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing a
>MasterRecord to not get an invoice generated automatically.
>Greg Hastings
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