[Emerald] DSN/Printing

Ken Sorenson ( (no email) )
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 12:04:57 -0500

I know I have seen reference to this issue before, but I don't know if I
have seen it resolved.
I have a couple network clients that refuse to print out of Emerald. I can
open Crystal Reports and use the "Emerald" DSN anytime, and all is well. I
cannot seem to configure it to print out of Emerald directly. I thought
perhaps it was a CR install problem, so I waited to install CR7. I have now
updated the client, and it did not change anything. I have modified the DSN
to test all options to no avail.

Software that may impact?:
Visual Studio 6.0
Crystal Reports 7.0 Pro
Emerald 2.5+
SQL 6.5+ (client)

Have we solved this?



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