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Glen Harvy ( )
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:09:32 +1000

At 11:57 18/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Glen Harvy wrote:
>> At 11:18 15/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> The start - stop dates are both the same.
>Ok. That means its an interim invoice, not a full/recurring invoice.
>> The manual "invoice" run picks up so called "one-off" charges whether they
>> have been paid or not.
>Thats what its designed to do.

What's the logic here?

My customer is being billed for a once of charge (see below for details).
He comes in and pays the bill. Why create another invoice for the same bill?

>> I can generate these charges as many times as I like. All I need do is do a
>> manual "invoice" run. These invoices also add on the previous invoice as
>> well, if it was not paid.
>Are you saying the charges themsleves are duplicates?

Yes. I can create a charge for the same item over and over again. The
second, third, fourth run etc will create an invoice for the same charge
and show the sum of all those invoices as being the amount outstanding.

As an example - the Invoice is created for "brettc 1/10/99 Usage 113 mins

Invoice # Date/Time Amount OS.

278 18/10/99 09:33 $475
298 18/10/99 10:09 $950
299 18/10/99 10:21 $1425
312 18/10/99 14:58 $1900

This morning (19/10/99) I paid the above invoices. Did a search on Unpaid
invoices and everything OK.

I then ran "Invoice" manually and guess what was created

322 19/10/99 08:59 $475

>> These charges all relate to INCORRECT fees calculated for Usage Minutes I
>> had incorrectly configured to charge.
>> How do I get rid of these spurious charges?
>Remove them from the charges table.

OK - I've done that.

Now that I've done that, this discussion seems largely academic :-) [I wish
the invoice were accurate though :-)]

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