[Emerald] Pro-rate?

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:21:21 -0500


We started out doing Anniversary/Renewal billing and that worked fine as we
didn't have to do and pro-rates. However now we're wanting to switch to
Monthly/Renewal and I'm not quite sure how to make things work out right...

If a customer signs up (sends us an application) and includes the first
months payment $19.95... We put the customer in Emerald as Monthly/Renewal
and Emerald creates a pro-rated charge... Emerald also sets the Expire date
as the 1st of the next month...

OK, if it is the 18th (October) then basically the above customer is paid
through Nov. 18th... While I realize the pro-rate charge will still be
there for invoicing, how do I invoice the customer prior to the 18th (say a
week ahead)... and how do I set the dates in Emerald... Emerald shows
11/1/99 as the Expire Date so even though the customer is paid to the 18th
they will expire based on our extends (15) that are set in Emerald...

I guess I'm asking how to pro-rate customers on their second invoice
instead of when Emerald initially creates the MBR, and have the Expire
dates, etc. set correctly... or is there no way to automatically set this

Hope this all makes some sense...
Thanks, David

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