Re: [Emerald] Charging by the minute

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:08:49 -0700

Glen Harvy wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a minimum charge that Emerald will calculate on?
> The reason I ask is that I have a test user on an unlimited account. It is
> set to charge 1 cent per minute from midnight to 3:00pm and 2 cents per
> minute outside that time.
> The time online is recorded correctly in the database, 11 minutes at 1 cent
> and 22 minutes at 2 cents. When running Emerald though, it didn't charge
> any amount at all. It should have charged 55 cents.
> The following is setup in Emerald for Unlimited accounts:
> Overtime: Unticked
> Primary: Ticked
> Standard Time: 0
> Standard Interval: 60
> Standard Charge: $0.01
> Over Interval: 60
> Over Charge: $0.00
> Primary Start: 15:00 *
> Primary Stop: 24:59 *
> Regular Charge $0.02
> Over Charge: $0.00

The problem is that you have overtime unchecked, and 0 standard time.
Emerald interprets that as "charge 1 penny for the first 0 minutes
(60 seconds) and don't charge for anything over that.

What you want is to check overtime, and set the over charge to $0.01,
and Emerald will charge 1 cent for each minute outside of the primary
time, and 2 cents for each minute inside the primary time. In this
cases, you will not have any "standard" time/charge.

> Notes:
> The "screen tip" says the time needs to be in minutes past midnight.
> Attempting that brings up a window saying it should be in HH:MM format.
> Clicking OK on that window is of no effect and it is necessary to shut down
> the program.
> Whilst the Primary Stop above is obviously incorrect, changing it to 23:59
> and saving it has no effect on the time showing in Emerald Administrator.
> Checking the database however reveals the correct times (in minutes past
> midnight) of 900 and 1439 respectively are recorded.

I'll check on these two.


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