[Emerald] Charging by the minute

Glen Harvy ( glen@aquarius.com.au )
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:25:26 +1000


Is there a minimum charge that Emerald will calculate on?

The reason I ask is that I have a test user on an unlimited account. It is
set to charge 1 cent per minute from midnight to 3:00pm and 2 cents per
minute outside that time.

The time online is recorded correctly in the database, 11 minutes at 1 cent
and 22 minutes at 2 cents. When running Emerald though, it didn't charge
any amount at all. It should have charged 55 cents.

The following is setup in Emerald for Unlimited accounts:

Overtime: Unticked
Primary: Ticked
Standard Time: 0
Standard Interval: 60
Standard Charge: $0.01
Over Interval: 60
Over Charge: $0.00
Primary Start: 15:00 *
Primary Stop: 24:59 *
Regular Charge $0.02
Over Charge: $0.00


The "screen tip" says the time needs to be in minutes past midnight.
Attempting that brings up a window saying it should be in HH:MM format.
Clicking OK on that window is of no effect and it is necessary to shut down
the program.

Whilst the Primary Stop above is obviously incorrect, changing it to 23:59
and saving it has no effect on the time showing in Emerald Administrator.
Checking the database however reveals the correct times (in minutes past
midnight) of 900 and 1439 respectively are recorded.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

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