[Emerald] Temporary and Permanent Extend, and Default Value for

david leigh ( (no email) )
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:39:32 +0800

Hi All

I am trying to find the field which controls the temporary and permanent
extend values in the MasterAccounts and SubAccounts table. There is a field
called 'extension' which controls one of them (I forget which right now, but
think it was temporary) but I cannot find anything to handle the other.
Where can I find this field and can I just use a simple SET command to have
them all changed to a default value.

Question two...
How do I go about changing the default value that pops up in the RADIUS
section of an account when I choose to add the attribute User-Service? At
the moment the default is Login-User but most of our accounts are
Framed-User. There is a bug in Emerald which causes the User-Service to
revert to Login-User when *any* change is made to the Radius values. I
figure that if Framed-User was the default value it would revert back to
that and hence there would be no discernible problem for us.

David Leigh

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