Re: [Emerald] generating letter for new users

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 07:01:55 -0400

We are using Mailsite.
Would this script work for us too?

Also, where do you put the new user test file that you want to be sent?
Is this a script that has to be run manually, or will it just send these=
letters automatically?


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On 10/7/99, at 8:34 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>Drew Philip Halevy wrote:
>> Hi-
>> The new user strikes again-we want to send an e-mail to each new user=
>> signs up for our service-is there a way, command, etc that we can use to
>> send this automatically (we are still using NTMail v. 3 and Emerald
>> 2.5.278 -thanks-Drew
>There is a new flag for each user that EmerAuth doesn't use. Create a
>proc like this:
>Select distinct cmd =3D 'blat newuser.txt -t ' +
> CASE WHEN EMAIL is not NULL then Email ELSE Login + '@' + d.MailDomain
>END +
> ' -s "Welcome to my ISP" -f "" -s'
>From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, Groups g, Domains d
>Where ma.CustomerID =3D sa.CustomerID
> and ma.GroupID =3D g.GroupID
> and g.DomainID =3D d.DomainID
> and sa.AccountType in ("PPP", "ISDN")
> and sanew <> 0
>Update SubAccounts
>Set sanew =3D 0
>Where AccountType in ("PPP", "ISDN")
>Then use an SQL7 bcp command in a batch file like:
> bcp "EXEC Emerald..MailNewUsers" queryout mailnew.cmd -c -S server -U
>sa -P password
> mailnew.cmd
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