[Emerald] two bugs?

Brad Teague ( Teague@NetworksPlus.com )
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 11:32:16 -0500

I've found two things that are problems in emerald 2.5.294.

The first one is the only one that is a big deal:
I've found that the .294 credit card batch out procedure is different and
incorrect in .294 when it handles the re-processing of CCs that have been

..278 would change the record in the External Transaction table to reflect
that the transaction needed to be run again. .294 seems to change or rather,
leave the record with a code of "7", but then it also creates another
record of code "2" which means that the transaction is awaiting a batch in..

However, what is happening is that the record with the code "2" gets changed
correctly when the batch is processed back "in" to Emerald, but the record
with code "7" is staying in the table and is getting re-batched each time
after that thus causing a "re-batched" cc transaction from the bad cc
transaction list to get run each time CCs are run after the initial re-batch
is done.

This is obviously a big problem, because you keep charging the same card,
and not even realizing it.

The second small bug I've noticed is on the "Radius" tab of the services
screen. If you add exactly 5 attributes to a service, the scroll bars go
NUTS on the radius tab. I think this has something to do with the way the
object is handling the list and it's trying to decide whether or not it
needs the scroll bars..... I just know it is really weird and kind of


Brad Teague - teague@networksplus.com
Network Administrator
Networks Plus

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