Re: [Emerald] database size

Daniel Wood ( )
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 16:50:03 -0700

>Daniel Wood wrote:
>> Both my Database and Transaction Log say they
>> have 0 space avialable.
>> I ran checkdb.sql and they still say that 0
>Is this SQL 6.5? Did you try the "recalc" button in the Edit
>Database window?

Its 6.5 and I have tried the recalc button

>> I doubled the size of both the database and log
>> and they still say 0
>I've seen this before, and the only way to resolve was a

I tried that

>> I transfered the database to a different server
>> and they still say 0
>Did you do a transfer or a backup/restore? The transfer
>should clear the problem, as it only copies the data. The
>backup/restore is a binary dump, and will carry the problem
>with it.

I did a transfer to a new SQL sever.

>> What can I do to fix this problem?
>Also, make sure you have SP5a for SQL 6.5 as well.

I am running SP5a for SQL 6.5

Another thing I noticed is that if my transaction log
get full I can't clear it. I need to run checkdb.sql
first then I can clear it. If I try and clear the
transaction log before it gets full it seem to work.
However nothing I do seems to fix the problem with
the database.

By the way, I have been running Emerald on this SQL
server for about 3 years now and I could alway do a
DBCC CheckDB to fix this problem in the past.

Dan Wood

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