RE: [Emerald] Calls not being cleared

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 13:35:15 +1000

The NAS is a MAX6000 and the problem is with the NAS not Emerald.
There seems to be a hardware issue with the MAX 6000 randomly rebooting and
thus it sends no Acc Stop to the Radius. I find out by my customers not
being able to reconnect due to them still being showen as connected.
I would like to be able to clear all the active connections in Emerald so
the can log back you can imagen it takes a while to clear all our
active connections.
Lucient has agreed that their is a problem with the unit(s) and I will be
getting a replacement next week.
Is there a way to clear all the connections in one hit ?
I have not seen any requests to Radius when the Max comes back online.


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Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Hello List,
> We are having a problem with one of our NASes rebooting.
> After the reboot Emerald shows the users as still being logged in, but
> are not as they get disconnected after the reboot.
> I think this is because the NAS does not give an accounting record for the
> disconnection.
> What I would like to know is, if I stop/start RadiusNT they still show as
> being connected. The only way I have been able to remove them is using
> clear connection button in Emerald.
> Is there a better way ?

What kind of terminal server? In -x15 debug mode does RadiusNT show
that its sending any special packets to note that the NAS is starting


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