Re: [Emerald] Radius NT bug

Donn Lasher ( )
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:09:23 -0700

> > 1. Turn on logging, specify log file, path etc. Works fine.
> > 2. turn logging OFF, stop/start, radNT keeps logging.
> > 3. delete info from boxes in radNT config, save, stop/start, radNT keeps
> > logging.
> >
> > I'm using the latest radiusNT off the IEA site, and version # doesn't seem
> > to matter. This is a serious problem since several of the radNT machines we
> > run are on 1g HD's.
> >
> > Got a fix on the way?
>How did you "turn logging off"? And you you talking about the
>debug logging for auth/acct or the "logfile"?

all debug options off

authentication logfile blank

accounting logfile blank

and yet auth and acct and logfile are created.

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