[Emerald] Has anyone seen either one of these radiusnt log messages?.....

Brad Teague ( Teague@NetworksPlus.com )
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 17:04:58 -0500

we switched authentication for a new city today over to radiusNT and we =
getting a lot of failed logins. I'm not sure what the first one of =
means exactly.. i'm assuming maybe that the terminal server is asking =
for or
sending attributes that the emerald server/radiusNT doesn't =
recognize... On
the second one, this was causing the most failed logins and I'm not =
sure why
it is doing this.. this would have been for username that WAS in the =
server database and their password was correct, but for some reason it =
giving us this message. This was happening on about every third user or =
and was causing a rash of failed logins obviously, so we had to switch
authentication back to our old servers..=20

Does anyone know what these messages might mean and/or a cause and =

If so, could you please respond to the list and to me... PLEASE! -

radrecv: Request from host c7f0ba0c code=3D1, id=3D112, length=3D220
Received unknown attribute 11, vendor 311
Received unknown attribute 1, vendor 311
Sending Reject of id 112 to c7f0ba0c (
Authenticate: from - No Password

Not Found in ODBC, Checking users fi
Checking user record PW_PASSWORD typ
chkPwd->strvalue is UNIX
decrypted pwd is +'e0]=F4j __?h
Sending Reject of id 248 to cce92007

Brad Teague

Brad Teague - teague@networksplus.com
Network Administrator
Networks Plus

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