Re: [Emerald] Not enough memory to print???

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 16:26:41 -0700

Matt Nelson wrote:
> I just got a weird error message while trying to print an invoice from
> Emerald. If I have "Print Preview" enabled, I get a dialog box which goes
> like this: Emerald Manager [Emerald - Print report] "There is not enough
> memory for this operation" This machine had 384 MB RAM with dual 13 gb
> drives. If I uncheck "Print Preview", and then click print, I get this:
> "Emerald - StartPrintJob in PrintCustom caused an error. Request cancelled
> by the user" This ALSO happens if I go to look at any kind of report. If
> I try to print it, I get the same error messages.

I've seen problems like this when the report itself has become corrupt.
Trying copying the report from one of the updated ones from our website
or the original distribution.


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