Re: [Emerald] Limiting logon times by day

Andrew Stinson ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 14:46:22 -0500

Since the VerifyMailUser stored procedure worked so well, I have to ask:

which stored procedure handles PPP authentication? And is there a "faster"
procedure for this process? We're wondering if that might fix the problem we
had with a PPP account named joeuser only working sometimes because there
was a POP account named joeuser at a different domain. Just wondering.

Thanks for the help in solving the slow mail authentication. And i'm curious
as to why others hadn't run into the same problem. <shrug>
Andrew Stinson
Apex 2000 Internet Services Corporation Phone: (915) 570-1676

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Subject: [Emerald] Limiting logon times by day

> We have a group of users that we want to be able to limit the time of day
> they can logon and all other times they cannot.
> For example: From 8am to 5pm monday thru friday and 8am to 12pm on
> saturdays.
> All other times the logon is not accepted.
> Any thoughts?
> Jason Roblyer
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