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PowerNet ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 13:12:58 -0400

The settings for this account are the same as the rest of my unlimited=
users. It happens to some and not others.

As far as the 20 minute thing, in this area, if I tell my customers that,=
they tell me goodbye.

I would like to see Emerald work. Look at the list. Most of these=
problems are not user errors. They are program faults.

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On 8/26/99, at 7:52 AM, Ed Miller wrote:

> What are your settings for that type of account? ( i.e. Idle Timeout
>and/or Ascend-Idle-Limit) We have ours set at between 10 and 20 mins.
>(600-1200 sec.)
> We tell the customer that they may have to wait up to 20 mins. till=
>can get back on if they are dropped for some strange reason. Works most=
>the time.
>Ed Miller
>We are using Ascend term servers with RadiusNT and Emerald.
>We have 1 concurrent login set up for all of our users.
>We have several people who are continually over their login limit. We
>figured that they are just trying to share the account with
>friends/shotgunning or something.
>Last night a customer called very upset cause he could not log in. I told
>him that I showed his account logged in and that if he was not on, someone
>could be using his info.
>Well, after a little research, The Emerald online window showed that he=
>been on for over 40 minutes and then I checked the term server and he was
>NOT logged in. I watched for a few more minutes and found that the=
>online window was incrementing his time online, and he was not logged in=
>the term server.
>We need help fixing this ASAP. This is really bad, but it seems to be=
>affecting certain users. Users on the metered plans could possibly be
>overcharged if this is happening.
>Please help ASAP.
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