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Nathan Haywood ( )
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 16:31:56 -0400

Microsoft SQL runs over TCP/IP on port 1433. SQL stores and uses it's
own set of login/passwords separate from the domain list, so you don't
have to risk domain authentication information over the channel. You
shouldn't need to tunnel to get to the box. Just set the firewall box up
to translate all requests coming in on 1433 to the IP of the SQL server
and only allow certain IP ranges (your RadiusNT servers and any Emerald
Client stations) to access that port.

Nathan Haywood
WHRO Systems Engineer

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Subject: [Emerald] Newbie install
From: "System Administrator" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 13:48:02 -0500

Hi all,

I'm planning on how I want to install Emerald, and I've got some
Is anyone running their Emerald server behind a firewall with the
outside the firewall? If so, what did you need to do? What I would
like to
do is place Emerald on an internal IP address behind a Linux firewall
VPN using PPTP to access it.
Please note that I've never worked with SQL before, so if it
takes care of
security for me, please inform. Below is a rough draft of what I would
to have working:

________ ________ ________________
|RADIUS| |RADIUS| ------------------>|LINUX
-------- -------- ----------------

--|___________________|                       ^192.168.X.X         |                                  |  Via PPTP         |                           _______|__      External IP's                  |EMERALD |	No Firewall                    |CLIENT  |                                     ----------

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