Re: [Emerald] Post.Office Form Customization?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:16:19 -0700

Eric wrote:
> A correction in my previous email....
> Emerald does use the email address that you specify when adding the service.
> It would still be beneficial if Emerald can use the additional E-mail
> address in Post.Office.

We are looking into adding alias support in the next major update of
Emerald. There actually are a couple of current Email systems that
support this, including the LDAP enabled Netscape Messaging Server.
Unfortunately, the Older Netscape (based on the Post.Office forms) is
severly limited, and is already EOLed by Netscape. Therefore, I
doubt we will be adding any additional features for the old
forms support, except for bug fixes.

> thanks,
> Eric
> At 11:43 AM 8/25/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >Is there any way to customize the form submitted to Post.Office to use the
> >"Additional E-mail Addresses" field? We have three different domains and
> >Emerald uses the domain in the default billing group, even if we type the
> >full email address in. I can setup three separate billing groups with the
> >different domains in each, but that posses a slight hassle for the girls
> >in accounting.
> >In Post.Office there is a place to add extra email addresses, and it would
> >be nice if Emerald could add the email addresses for the other 2 domains
> >into the additional fields section. Is this possible?


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