Re: [Emerald] Transaction log size

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 09:30:33 -0700

Andrew Stinson wrote:
> Would shrinking the DB perform the same task? We ran the script and instead
> of shrinking the log file down to 200 meg, it took about 2 gig off the size
> of it's down to about 4 gig.....we're trying to restore it onto a
> win '95 pc, but it keeps telling us we've only got 2 gig free, and we need a
> little over 5 free. It's on a hdd with 8 gig free...where's this 2 gig
> coming from? Is there anything i'm missing? It should just be a matter of
> restoring the db....could it be that i'm using Win '95 instead of NT?

Restoring a Database requires the DB you are restoring into be atleast
the same size as the data/log segements of the backedup database,
regardless of the amount of actual data used. Thats why I don't
making your DB huge to start with.


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