[Emerald] Expiration "slipping"

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:14:03 -0700


Our billing person has for the second month in a row approached me with
regard to expiration dates slipping back to the first of the current month,
thus expiring the user prematurely. Over this past weekend, about 100 users
were expired who weren't supposed to be. Last month, it was 120.

Even more bizarre, a user whose billed thru and expiration dates were
8/31/99 and 9/1/99, respectively, at 11:00 this morning are now expired and
both fields are set to 5/5/99.

Any idea what's happening here? Did we buy the demonically-possessed
version of Emerald or am I misusing some advanced feature? ;-) We're all
using 2.5.278, BTW.

David V. Brenner - dvb@cport.com
International Services Network Corporation

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