Re: [Emerald] service

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:38:25 -0700

Don Barron wrote:
> I have created a service called Unlimited, which is unlimited for one month.
> The account starts on the day they join say the 10th of Aug and then expires
> on the 9th of Sept. That how it is suppose to work. When I create a new
> account it puts todays date for the expire, how can I get it to add one
> month to it ? and then when I click pay it add's another month to that
> expire ?

Are you trying to bill ahead of time or in arrears? Emerald is
designed to to bill up front. Its waiting for you to "PAY" the
account, before it moves it up a month. What you can do is
go into the Emerald Admin, Client Config and change the temp
expire/perm expire fields to something like 7 and 7. That would
give them 14 days initially to pay their bill, and seven days each
month after that.


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