[Emerald] I'm in Trouble

Patti Raatz ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 01:25:43 -0500

I'm not sure what is going on...maybe someone here can help me.

Quite suddenly today, many of my customers could not navigate the web. Had
them ping and received time out error messages, had them traceroute and they
get an error message (that my blonde brain can't remember at the moment and
I didn't write it down...duh).

So I started looking through my hard drive after calling my upstream and
being told they couldn't find a problem.

What I found was a notepad file (named sql.log) that was 1.39GB in size!
Looking at the properties told me the file was created 7/7/99 at 10:54 PM
(the latest I stay at the office is 10:30PM and on Wed nights I was

I've tried to open the file and lock up the server tight! I've tried to
delete the file and told I can't because of a sharing violation!

I have recovered some of my drive space by compressing the file but at the
rate it is growing, I fear for my system and my customers loss of
understanding. I don't know where this file came from, what it is doing, or
how to get rid of it....any suggestions?



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