Re: [Emerald] IEA Web site search not working!?!

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 12:14:08 -0400

When you figure this out, I am interested in the answer. We can't seem to=
get $200 even because of the formula Emerald calculates with.

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On 8/4/99, at 9:51 AM, Eric wrote:

>Does IEA know that their web site is not working? If you go to support >
>mail archives > and submit a search.... "400 Bad Request" error!
>I was trying to find a past emails about changing SQL/Emerald to accept
>decimal places beyond 2. I need to setup a discount for annual payments to=

>make the cost $200. This new Emerald 2.5.x, when you set a static cost of
>$200 it wants to bill that amount each month even if the billing period is=

>set to annual!
>If anyone has any docs on changing SQL to accept decimals past two, please=

>email me.
>Eric Jensen
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