Re: [Emerald] Report not found.

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:03:40 -0400

From: CybrTyme, Inc. <>
When trying to access the print button on the batch tab in emerald 2.5.278 I
get a message saying report not found then the unc to the emerald directory
on my emerald server. The unc is correct and I can access this directory by
typing in the run menu the exact unc that is used. I have several other
custom reports that run from the server in the same directory without any
problem. I have checked the directory and made sure that the invoice.rpt is
there and that in the admin invoice.rpt is the name typed into the invoice
field on the client tab. I only get this error if i have the force client
to only use global reports option selected. I have a computer set up
without any local reports that can load the invoice.rpt from the print
button on the batch tab without problem unless the force client to only use
global reports option is selected. I want all machines to only use the
reports that are on the server so what gives with this problem?

UNcheck the "Force client to only use global reports" in the Emerald Admin
under the Reports section. It doesn't work. So long as you don't have any
reports in your normal Emerald directory, the client will automatically use
the ones in the path specified just above that option (even if that one
checkbox isn't checked).


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