Re: [Emerald] Problem printing invoice - 2.5.278

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:27:52 -0700

Frank Canode wrote:
> There appears to be only a few of us with this printing problem 2 that
> responded to the list and one that I spoke to on the phone. If it works for
> eveyone else, then there must be something different about our setup. The
> only difference that I am aware of in mine is that I am running Crystal
> Reports 7.0 and my database is named Emerald25, not Emerald. The gentleman
> that I spoke to on the phone has the same setup - CR 7.0 and database named
> Emerald25.

Some of the Original Emerlad 2.5 reports specifically looked for an
Emerald database. Load your report in Crystal and use the Database...
Set Location option to see what the path of each table is. If its
set as Emerald.dbo.TableName then remove the Emerald.dbo. part and
leave just the table name. Then make sure the default database in your
Emerlad DSN is the Emerald25 database, and you should be able to print.


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