[Emerald] Post-installation problem with Emerald

Bernardo Burnier Coelho ( bernardo@tdnet.com.br )
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 16:35:24 -0300


I've just installed Emerald on a machine running WnnNT Server 4.0 - Service
Pack 3 + SQL Server 6.50.258 (SQL Sp3) and nothing more but Netscape
Navigator 4.08.
Right after installation I tried to run Emerald admin and got an error:
13: Type mismatch.
I've searched the archives and found that it's an old not-so-favorite.
Still, I could not found a solution.
I quote bellow a message extracted from the archives, but as I'm running
2.5.288 I think the solution given at the time doesn't apply.
Can anybody help me?


Bernardo Burnier Coelho
Sysadmin - TDnet

>Digiweb Austria wrote:
>I'm a new user of Emerald and I have already problems with installing
>Emerald. When I open the Emerald Admin programme I provide the
>programme with the correct SQL-Server and database ("new".
>Next screen: I want to click onto create database, I just get the
>error: 13: Type Mismatch.
>I already read many messages in the mailing-list archive about this
>Type mismatch error, anyway, I don't know what to do as I haven't
>even created the database yet.
>This is a bug in the 2.5.283 admin. You can get a newer admin from
>support that corrects the problem.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and
RadiusNT__________________________________________IEA Software, Inc.

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