[Emerald] SQL Transfer question...

Eric ( ejensen@accnorwalk.com )
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 15:32:04 -0400

In testing the new Emerald 2.5 upgrade, I have found that when I transfer
the existing database into a new one, the size used has changed
dramatically. I went from about 600mb used to about 220mb used. The only to
things I can think may have happened, is that 1) I did not have
"select/into bulk copy" checked in the options on either database, and that
somehow some data got discarded in the transfer. Or 2) When transferring
the database, SQL, removed some empty rows or consolidated space in some
manner. I am running a "check database" from the Emerald Admin against the
new database right now, but when I looked at the accounts, data, services,
etc. they all seemed to be normal.
If anyone with more SQL knowledge could let me know if this is normal I
would appreciate it.
Thank you in advanced,
Eric Jensen

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