Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 11:09:04 -0700

PowerNet wrote:
> We have continuously had a problems with the Update Calls Accounts Task Failing every other day with the error message:
> Internal Error -- Unable to open table at query execution time. (Message 202)
> Last night another Task failed for the first time. Emerald Update Calls Servers with the error message:
> Command has been aborted. (Message 3621)

I'm guessing they are related. My intial thought (which I don't
remember getting a reply back from you on whether the time frames
for these two are overlapping or not. You can check the history
of each and how long they ran to figure that out.)

> We are still having the LAN Security Errors with our Ascend box during peak times.

What auth times are you seeing from RadiusNT? Do you have a secondary?
What is the secondary doing? What is the auth and accounting timeouts
on your ascend?


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