[Emerald] A few Questions!!!!!

Joel Cancel ( jcancel@abalon.com )
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 11:11:28 -0400

I'm working with the setup of emerald because I have 2 posible buyers and I
need to be sure that I know how to install it correctly.

Those are my questions..

1. I need to know if I deactive a user in the emerald client the user is
also deactivated in Post Office and FTP Serv-U?
2. I need to know if I have to enter in the emerald client the entire path
in the directory field (The FTP path ex://computer_name/home$/username is
better if a type only the username) every time?
3. I need to know how to configure emerald to migrate users from a Unix
System to emerald database?

thank you very much..

Joel Cancel

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