Re: [Emerald] Wierd Time Online

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 09:48:10 -0700

MayaCom wrote:
> Has anyone had this problem?
> We have noticed recently, mostly when clients call in, that our clients
> are having problems logging in. When we look at the Time Online in
> Emerald it is showing us that the client is online. But when we look at
> our MAX the client is not actually online, we also know because they are
> on the phone with us that they are not connected. What happens when the
> client attempts to log-in is Emerald rejects them saying "Over Log
> Limit" in the radlog. The only way to let the client access is to
> highlight them and clear them from the Online list. But then when the
> client does get connected again it doesn't show them on the list of
> connected users. This is very weird and we can't figure out why this is
> happening or how to fix it.

Check your MAX and see what the accounting timeout is set for. It
be atleast 5 seconds. By default, Ascend sets the accounting timeout to
1 second, which can cause congestion and incorrect accounting tracking.
Also, you should look into enabling SNMP concurrency control for the
MAX. There is a FAQ on this at:

The FAQ is for RadiusNT, and the only difference is that rather than
directly editing the Database, you can use the Emerald Admin, RadiusNT
section to setup the options.


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