Re: [Emerald] E-Mailed Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:48:11 -0700

Patti Raatz wrote:
> >If you give more details on what you want, we can help. However, the
> >above is to generic. The Rates for billing are defined in the
> >Emerald Admin. I'm not sure if you mean limiting to x hours, or
> >limiting the time of day.
> i.e. 60 or 65 hours per month at a certain rate with hours over tracked
> and charged at a per hour rate.

Define a rate, and configure it like:

Standard Interval: 3600 (one hour)
Standard Time: 60 (hours, as determined by the interval above)
Standard Charge: 0
Over Interval: 3600 (one hour)
Over Charge: 1.00 (or whatever you charge per hour over 60 hours)

Then make sure that each service type that follows that plan has
that plan selected.

> >> Isn't Emerald supposed to show who is on-line and track customer usage?
> I
> >> can't seem to make these functions work either. One reason I would like
> to
> >> is I suspect a couple of accounts of abusing their unlimited account
> status
> >> by maintaining a constant connection. I've been pleasant in my requests
> >> that they refrain from doing so, they've been pleasant in claiming they
> >> aren't and I've got no way to prove that I know they are....know what I
> >> mean;-)
> >
> >What kind of terminal server are you using?
> Using Ascend Max.
> If you run RadiusNT in
> >-x15 debug mode, are you seeing accounting requests? (they will include
> >an Acct-Status-Type Attribute).
> No

You might want to double-check the accounting config of the Ascend.
Authentication and Accounting are seperate, and just because one is
working, doesn't mean the other is configured right or working.


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