Re: [Emerald] Credit Card customers being changed to Renewal !

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:16:21 -0700

Greg Hastings wrote:
> I'm using Emerald version 2.5.278
> I just created a batch of "Credit Card" invoices today. Since upgrading to
> this version, I have been checking the paymethod field for credit card
> customers after invoicing. That is because I discovered, essentially by
> accident, that the previous version I was using converted credit card
> customers to "Renewal" at time of invoicing. Version 2.5.278 was supposed to
> fix that problem.

2.5.278 corrects the problem where it was changing people with CC
autobill set to 1 to renewal. However, if they have CC Auto
bill set to 0, then it WILL change them, and its suppose to, as
thats how it works.

> Well, I've got news. Version 2.5.278 converted 11 out of 15 credit card
> customers to "renewal" this morning.

Did you check their cc auto bill?

> What is going on? What is the fix for this problem? Why on earth would
> invoice generation accidentally change the paymethod fields?

Because you had the user configured to do just that.

> Obviously this is a serious bug! Customers get real upset when we start
> invoicing them after months or years of consistent automatic credit card
> payments.

If you have a backup, I would recommend looking at it, and you'll
find that the customers had their cc autobill set to 0. If not, please
me know.


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