Re: [Emerald] Credit Card customers being changed to Renewal !

Greg Hastings ( (no email) )
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 15:34:45 -0700

I checked the current database, and there was still one credit card customer
who was flagged "False" in the CreditCardAutoBill field. Probably that was
one of the ones that was incorrectly changed to "Renewal" with the previous
version of Emerald that I was using. Since we don't use the credit card
information on the MBR unless the customer will always be billed
automatically, we have never set that field to False manually. I had
previously gone in and corrected the erroneous change from "Credit Card" to
"Renewal", but was unaware of the fact that the CCAutoBill field was being
set to false also.


> 2.5.278 corrects the problem where it was changing people with CC
> autobill set to 1 to renewal. However, if they have CC Auto
> bill set to 0, then it WILL change them, and its suppose to, as
> thats how it works.
> > Well, I've got news. Version 2.5.278 converted 11 out of 15 credit card
> > customers to "renewal" this morning.
> Did you check their cc auto bill?
> > What is going on? What is the fix for this problem? Why on earth would
> > invoice generation accidentally change the paymethod fields?
> Because you had the user configured to do just that.
> > Obviously this is a serious bug! Customers get real upset when we start
> > invoicing them after months or years of consistent automatic credit card
> > payments.
> If you have a backup, I would recommend looking at it, and you'll
> probably
> find that the customers had their cc autobill set to 0. If not, please
> let
> me know.
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