[Emerald] Radlogs broke on the 1st July ?

david leigh ( (no email) )
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 09:47:16 +0800

Hi All

I am running the latest supported Emerald (288/278) and have found that over
the last few days (since 1st July I think) that Radlogs is now broken

When I put in a date like 02/07/99 it asks to "load 110 entries?" and when I
confirm it then loads OVER 2120 entries. Further, when I then try and load
entries back to a more distant date (say 06/30/99) then I get asked "Load
330 entries?" and upon confirming that *NOTHING* gets loaded.

Can someone please confirm this fault - and let me know how to fix it?

David Leigh

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