[Emerald] Calls Consolidation - Doesn't

Greg Hastings ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 13:31:57 -0700

I'm running version 2.5.278

We don't yet charge customers for overtime, so normally don't run calls
consolidation. Since there are about 160,000 records in the calls table, I
decided to run the Calls Consolidation process.

Clicking the "Summary" button creates three entries in the drop down list.
Selecting each one in turn, and pressing the charges button causes the
program to appear to be consolidating the charges (progress bar, etc.).

When the process has been performed on all three entries created by the
summary button, nothing has happened. The calls table still has all the
same records in it. The calls history table has nothing new in it.

I went in and turned on the "overtime" charges option in the accounting
administration for all the services. Then ran all the consolidations again.
Still nothing.

What's happening??


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