RE: [Emerald] Hep Me

Greg ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 13:23:30 -0700

> > >
> > Right on the money. Don't know how it got set but that did it.
> What version of the client where you running? This should be
> fixed in the later versions of Emerald (like 2.5.261 and higher).
When I wiped it all out I installed 2.2.18 and didn't put the 2.2.38 executable on
until after the fix, but the problem was there with the original .38.

Now that I have your ear is there a list of things to look for after the upgrade to
I have watched the list but its next to impossible to remember all the little things
that pop up.
t would be nice and sane a bunch of mail to the list if someone could put one
together and make it available.

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