Re: [Emerald] NT user account

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 12:03:45 -0700

> Jeff Hopkins wrote:
> A couple of quick questions. I was curious if there were plans to
> enable Emerald to create NT user accounts during the creation of a new
> MBR? Also, what about adding a option to email a receipt when a
> non-CC payment is created?

We are looking to a commend type function, which you could then
write a script to create an NT user.

The next release will allow you to print/email a receipt whenever
a payment is made.

> I am using Web Assistant to publish CallsOnline info to a web page.
> It works fine when creating a local file, my problem is when I try to
> publish it to another server. The error is: SETUSER permission
> denied, database Emerald, owner dbo All the proper permissions seem
> to be in place. How do I specify or determine what User account is
> being used. I can open the destination permissions wide open, still
> no good.

I think it connects with whomever SQL Executive is running as. You
need to make sure thats NOT the local system account, or it will not
have network access.


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