RE: [Emerald] Limiting number of hours per month

Christian Lawrence ( (no email) )
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 16:50:58 -0500

I would like this also, thanks

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"David V. Brenner" wrote:
> How would I limit someone to, say, 60 hours per month so that they would
> be able to log in after that until the new month started?

Emerald doesn't handle this natively. However, I wrote a script and
an SQL task that would reset user limits each month back to what they
originally where suppose to be. If you would like it, let me know.

> I know I can set things up so that their time is tracked, but what if I
> want to stop them from logging in once they've used up all their time?

Not natively, but its not that hard to setup. This will probably be
in the next release.


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