Re: [Emerald] Wrong amount on reports again

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 26 Jun 1999 19:50:46 -0700

> Help Desk wrote:
> A few weeks ago I sent a message stating our 'totals' and 'amount due'
> where not the same on our invoices. It was somehow adding the taxes
> wrong. The response we received told us the old report had a bug and
> that downloading the new one would fix the problem. Well, it seemed to
> work for a couple of weeks but as of yesterday many calls have come
> in from confused customers wanting to know the correct amount due..
> Any other ideas on how to fix this??

Are these multi-month customers (like six months or a year)? If
you want to send me connection information for your SQL Server and
give me some example invoices that are wrong, I'll take a look at

> Also, it seems that somehow all customers with credit card
> info had been switched to autobill. Any ideas on what caused that and
> how to prevent it in the future.

This should be fixed in the 278 update that you can get in the
/emerald/updates directory on our FTP site.


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