Re: [Emerald] ReStarting SQL

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:11:59 -0400

From: PowerNet <>
We are using RadiusNT 2.5

I'm using 2.5.175 and had no problems with it when stopping/restarting SQL.
I didn't have to stop/restart RadiusNT at all.


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On 6/24/99, at 12:03 PM, Josh Hillman wrote:

>From: PowerNet <>
>I need to stop and re-start SQL for some changes to take effect.
>It should take less than an minute or two.
>What should I be concerned about as far as users online and authenticating?
>No one will be able to authenticate for that timeframe. Stop records
>(indicating that the user is no longer online, etc.) coming from your NAS
>should queue in the NAS until SQL is back online and cabable of receiving
>the data from the NAS/RadiusNT.
>If you're using an older version of RadiusNT, you may need to stop/restart
>it when SQL is finished coming back online.