Re: [Emerald] ODBC Help!

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:52:58 -0400

From: Ed Miller <>
>I have allready checked the permissions. Open to everyone full control.
>The errors are in ASP pages when I try to open the db.

Go into each Access DSN and compact and repair them. The .mdb file itself
could be screwed up. If that's not the case, then maybe the database needs
to be fixed to comply with the ODBC changes. If you go to and do a search for 80040e21 in
ODBC, you might find additional info.

Make sure at some point, you restrict the permissions on these files (see my
previous message)


>> From: Ed Miller <>
>> >I just updated to ODBC 2.1 (mdac_type.exe) and lost all Access ODBC
>> >connections. SQL still are working. Worked fine on the other machines
>> >installed it on but gives me errors on all db's I try. 80040e21
>> What applications are trying to read and/or write to these .mdb files?
>> could be an NTFS permissions issue regarding the files themselves as
>> to a misconfiguration problem with ODBC.
>> I ran into a similar problem when I installed whatever version of MDAC
>> available with SP4.
>> If you're running into problems with webpages not being able to do stuff
>> with the .mdb files, here's some info that might help (I wrote it for
>> as well as our other support people):
>> Requirements for websites to interact with databases
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> Access (.mdb files)
>> -------------------
>> For any given website, all .mdb files should be placed in a single
>> directory, such as "db" or "data", etc.
>> For this single directory:
>> NTFS permissions:
>> .asp file interaction: IUSR_webservername: Change (RWXD)
>> .cfm file interaction: IUSR_webservername: (remove user)
>> IIS4 permissions (prevent visitors from downloading the .mdb file):
>> Directory Access permissions: uncheck all
>> Directory Content Control: uncheck all
>> Permissions: None
>> Josh Hillman