Re: [Emerald] ODBC Help!

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:22:37 -0400

I have allready checked the permissions. Open to everyone full control.
The errors are in ASP pages when I try to open the db.

> From: Ed Miller <>
> >I just updated to ODBC 2.1 (mdac_type.exe) and lost all Access ODBC
> >connections. SQL still are working. Worked fine on the other machines
> >installed it on but gives me errors on all db's I try. 80040e21
> What applications are trying to read and/or write to these .mdb files? It
> could be an NTFS permissions issue regarding the files themselves as
> to a misconfiguration problem with ODBC.
> I ran into a similar problem when I installed whatever version of MDAC was
> available with SP4.
> If you're running into problems with webpages not being able to do stuff
> with the .mdb files, here's some info that might help (I wrote it for
> as well as our other support people):
> Requirements for websites to interact with databases
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Access (.mdb files)
> -------------------
> For any given website, all .mdb files should be placed in a single
> directory, such as "db" or "data", etc.
> For this single directory:
> NTFS permissions:
> .asp file interaction: IUSR_webservername: Change (RWXD)
> .cfm file interaction: IUSR_webservername: (remove user)
> IIS4 permissions (prevent visitors from downloading the .mdb file):
> Directory Access permissions: uncheck all
> Directory Content Control: uncheck all
> Permissions: None
> Josh Hillman