Re: [Emerald] Problem on displaying logged in users. (fwd)

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actually we had the same problem and the way to fix it is to tell radiusnt
in emerald administrator that you wish to start it at 1 with your 17 ports.
that will show you the loged in people at that time

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> "Engr. Gene Frederick F. Boniel" wrote:
> >
> > ive got this problem during the dial up connection. am using a USR total
> > control/NetServer for my dial up users. Yes, During there authentication
> > with my Emerald, theres seems to be no problem. But, as my emerald
> > updates, this could be seems terrible to hear coz sometimes i couldnt
> > there names on the ON-LINE lists and sometimes they appear. What i mean
> > that i tested a Newly made MBR and added user account. When i got
> > connected, sometimes i can see my test user account and the accounting
> > side seems work good. But then sometimes it messed up, i can't be able
> > see during my next login and i think my use of the connection seems to
> > become free, the accounting didnt work.... can anybody share me some
> > of solving this problem?
> After you hung up, did you go into the user's Time-On and see if the
> call was logged? I'm guessing that it IS tracking the calls correctly,
> its just not displaying the calls online correctly.
> Run the following script in isql_w against your Emerald database
> and see if it fills in any missing ports for the server ports. If
> the server is not ported correctly (some are missing) then the users
> will not show up on-line if they call a port that isn't listed. Their
> call WILL be logged, they just don't show up on-line. This script
> will add any missing ports that have been logged by your terminal
> server.
> You might run it a couple of times (once a month) until it gets all
> your ports.
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