Re: [Emerald] Problem on displaying logged in users. (fwd)

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 10:19:24 -0700

"Engr. Gene Frederick F. Boniel" wrote:
> ive got this problem during the dial up connection. am using a USR total
> control/NetServer for my dial up users. Yes, During there authentication
> with my Emerald, theres seems to be no problem. But, as my emerald
> updates, this could be seems terrible to hear coz sometimes i couldnt see
> there names on the ON-LINE lists and sometimes they appear. What i mean is
> that i tested a Newly made MBR and added user account. When i got
> connected, sometimes i can see my test user account and the accounting
> side seems work good. But then sometimes it messed up, i can't be able to
> see during my next login and i think my use of the connection seems to
> become free, the accounting didnt work.... can anybody share me some ideas
> of solving this problem?

After you hung up, did you go into the user's Time-On and see if the
call was logged? I'm guessing that it IS tracking the calls correctly,
its just not displaying the calls online correctly.

Run the following script in isql_w against your Emerald database
and see if it fills in any missing ports for the server ports. If
the server is not ported correctly (some are missing) then the users
will not show up on-line if they call a port that isn't listed. Their
call WILL be logged, they just don't show up on-line. This script
will add any missing ports that have been logged by your terminal
You might run it a couple of times (once a month) until it gets all
your ports.


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