RE: [Emerald] Report for salesperson or refferal?

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Thu, 17 Jun 1999 14:18:06 -0400

In our State only business use of the Internet is taxable.

So all businesses with accounts and Hosting customers get taxed.
Also, in this state tax is different by county which we have set up as=
regions in Emerald.

Our monthly(calendar month) sales tax form looks like:

Gross Sales
- Exempt Sales(residentials)
=3D Net Taxable Sales

Tax Liability on Net Taxable (calculated Field)

The calculated field comes from each county(region) has a Taxable Sales and=
Tax Liability section summed at the bottom of the page. Each=
county(region) has it's own tax rate that we have already set in Emerald.=
The sum of taxable sales has to match line 3(Net Taxable Sales) and Tax=
Liability is summed to get Line 4(Tax Liability)

I would be happy to fax you a copy of this form. It is difficult to=
explain. I do not need an exact replica of this form. I am just looking=
to get something with correct numbers to plug into this form with little=
or no time spent on manual calculations.

If you have anything that will work, I would appreciate it. The=
serv_rev.rpt provided by IEA does not calculate correctly for us. We have=
compared it to our daily pmt sheets and for some reason it severly=
escalates income.


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On 6/16/99, at 11:24 PM, Darin Spence wrote:

>E-mail me *exactly* what your look for in this report and I'll see if I
>can't modify one of the ones I have to do what you need it to do. Many of
>the reports I have are children of the reports provided with Emerald, with
>some tweaks here and there. If you can provide a detailed description of
>what you want the report to tell you, I'll can see what I can do.
>Good luck!
>^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Darin Spence
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>> Darin,
>> Do you have any reports that any of us might be interested in and
>> that you would be willing to share?
>> I am a novice at best on CR.
>> You let me see your deposit ticket, that works very well.
>> I am specifically looking for a report that will ease the pain of
>> doing sales tax reports every month.
>> Any other reports would be a plus.
>> Thanks,
>> John
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>> On 6/17/99, at 8:12 AM, Darin Spence wrote:
>> >I may be able to give you some insight. We've been on Emerald
>> since March 99' and I have had to create a TON of custom reports
>> to get the numbers we need out of the system. If you could share
>> some of the details as to what you want to accomplish with the
>> report, I could tell you if CR will do it. I say that because CR
>> doesn't like to do calculations of calculated amounts. It gets a
>> little tricky. :-)
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >
>> >Darin Spence, MCP
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>> >> Has anyone already created a report that totals amounts, or
>> does anything
>> >with the salesperson field? We have CR 6.0 not CR 6.0 Pro, and
>> we use it
>> >just to edit text, and logo's. That is the extent of the
>> knowledge we have
>> >for CR 6.0.
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance.
>> >
>> >Todd Hutchinson
>> >FISolutions Inc.
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