RE: [Emerald] feature request: Duplicate Credit Card Search and add Ban Flag to MBR

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 17:18:08 -0400

> Rudy Komsic wrote:
> >
> > Also, another feature that should be added is a blacklist of
> phone numbers,
> > credit cards, Addresses, and postal codes. When one of our
> employees enter
> > a new client into the Emerald client, it would perform this check
> > automatically and warn if the client is on our blacklist. We have
> > experienced in the past that clients use our system that
> eventually don't
> > pay and when their account is terminated, they just simply call back and
> > give out false information again.
Dale Wrote:
> You can use the RadCheck table to reject calls based on CallerID. The
> black list does sound interesting, though. The question is how do you
> precent this, when they are giving you false information.
Well, if an account is flagged as a blacklist account and under the Emerald
Admin you have a flag to check all MBRs vs Blacklist flags, all new clients
would be verified under the Emerald Client. When each line is typed
(excluding first name) a search will first find the specific fields and
blacklisted flags that is being queried and then if any info matchs or is
LIKE it (admin configurable) The warnings will pop up.

2 concrete blacklisting items are both phone # and credit card number. To
have the address, postal code, and other fields like name and fax # helps a
lot. Most people who we have caught usually reuse the same address or
postal code or last name of the person. It just does not hurt to have that
information there.

The blacklist feature would pop up when the sales reps are adding a new MBR.
Then when it triggers the blacklist for the fields they have used, it will
pop up a message (Possible Fraudulent user. Information is under the
blacklist table.) It will pop up the row that has the same information.
Then you click OK to continue if the info is wrong or if

Since most Credit card companies ask that all ISPs ask for the Actual CC
Billing Address, the address field ends up being a good source of protection

Another Idea that past through my ears is a feature called Global
Blacklist/Ban List. This feature can make any ISP running Emerald to update
the global ISP Blacklist/Ban List by having the SQL server to copy certain
fields of Data from their server to IEA's Global Blacklist Server (should
IEA be interested in adding one) therefore ISP's can protect themselves from
clients who hop from one ISP to another without paying or who has broken TOS
agreements and got banned. The reason why I say Ban list and Blacklist are
defined as follows:
Ban: a Client who has not upheld the TOS agreement and caused illegal or
harmful activity over the Internet connection.
Blacklist: a Client who has not paid clients for services rendered and would
be capable of doing the same at another provider.