RE: [Emerald] feature request: Duplicate Credit Card Search and add Ban Flag to MBR

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 21:24:18 -0400

Well, under the credit card business, the client must give you the actual
address of the CC billing address. Therefore, why have 2-3 MBRs with the
same address? Just a waste of MBRs. If the company wants to use the same
credit card for several services, I usually place the services under the
services tab not under the MBR. But if you still want to continue doing
this (also going against the CC companies request), a feature to continue
the order would be to pop up a warning window with an
Administrator/Supervisor password line that can bypass this feature. This
will still give you this capability of using the same credit card for
multiple MBRs with the Extra protection of having Management authorizing it.

Also, under the Emerald Administrator, you can have the option of turning
that feature on or off. This will still give you the choice of Full Access
or under the Credit Cards TOS, must use the billing address of the Credit
Card for only one credit card.

I personally have 2 credit cards myself. One for personal use and one for
corporate use. Depending on what I am purchasing and for what purpose, I
use the appropriate cards.

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> add Ban Flag to MBR
> This could cause major problems for lots of people I imagine. I
> know that we
> have several customers that sometimes pay for someone else's account or
> you've got a company paying for three different accounts or you've got a
> small business owner with an account for his office and one for his home
> that he wants billed seperately, etc. etc.
> The Banned flag sounds like a reasonable idea though.
> Sincerely,
> Brad Teague
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> > Subject: [Emerald] feature request: Duplicate Credit Card Search and
> > add Ban Flag to MBR
> >
> > With the high level of credit card fraud for Internet Services, I would
> > like
> > to suggest IEA to add a search for any duplicate Credit card # when you
> > add
> > a number into the database. When one is detected, it should bring up a
> > warning stating the current card is being used for customer ID #xxx
> >
> > This will allow us to prevent fraud and prevent certain clients who have
> > been booted from our system and not be able to return back to
> our system.
> >
> > Along with this feature, I would like to add a check box under the MBR
> > called "banned" so that when we set up our automated client
> subscription,
> > if
> > a client who has been banned wants to set up another account,
> he will not
> > be
> > able to. This in return will assist us in reducing fraudelent use of
> > credit
> > cards or services.
> >
> > For our automated sign up system, we will be checking several items for
> > duplicates and flags (Caller ID, Address, Name, Ban Flag and Credit Card
> > Number)
> >