Re: [Emerald] Serv-U/NTMail

Jeff Woods ( )
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 14:31:57 -0400

At 01:45 PM 6/12/99 -0400, you wrote:

>The ODBC on that machine does not have username/password combo. Ver. 3 I

I strongly recommend you upgrade. Install SP4 or better, and then
reconfigure the ODBC data source.

> > 2) The user you define in the EAADMN.EXE program should NOT be "sa" -- it
> > should be a member of the EmeraldApps group. You will likely have to
> > create a NEW user in Emerald and make it a member of EmeraldApps.
> > Afterwards, verify that this user was created in SQL using Enterprise
> Done and works fine. BUT I do not have an EmeraldApps group. Put it
>SQL Admin group.

One SHOULD have been created by the upgrade to Emerald 2.5. If not, get
the latest version of it, and run the code that makes sure everything is
present in the database (I forget what it is called -- it is the Database
maintenance in Emerald Admin). If you added one by hand, it may not have
the correct permissions to do what the .DLL requires.

> > 3) The "license load" issue is due to an omission in Emerald 2.5's early
> > upgrades -- not sure if it is corrected in the current version
> > The "EmeraldApps" Group does NOT have "Select" permission on the
> > Table "Liscenses" (sic -- yes, it is misspelled in Emerald), and thus
> > may be unable to verify your license. You will have to add this
> > permission using SQL E.M.
> Not sure what you mean here. I have all upgrades on Emerald SQL
>And have used beta verions many times.

Once you have ensured that the EmeraldApps group exists via SQL Enterprise
Manager, make sure that that group has "select" permissions on the
"Liscenses" table.

<Server name>

Right-click "Liscenses" and go to "Permissions".

If "Select" is not clicked on the "EmeraldApps" group, check it, and then
click SET.

If you do not see a USER here that is a member of the "EmeraldApps" (and
which is the user name you specified in EAADMN.EXE), you should also follow
the steps labeled "ADD USER" below.

Close it, and reload your DSN's.


Manage Logins
Enter new user name (I chose "EMERAUTH")
Enter New password
Click "Permit" on Emerald permissions
Change default DB to EMERALD
IMPORTANT: Change the GROUP at the right to "EmeraldApps"

Click ADD

Go back to the list of tables above, and ensure that the user shows up as a
member of "EmeraldApps". It will not NECESSARILY have a checkmark in the
"Select" field -- that's fine, so long as the parent GROUP has the
checkmark, and the username does not have a DENIED checkbox.

Good luck.