Re: [Emerald] Serv-U/NTMail

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 11:14:16 -0500

Ed Miller wrote:
> > This is relatively easy to solve. Notice the "Load License Failure"
> > message.
> >
> > 1) The user you define in the ODBC connection on the machine running
> EmerAuth
> > ought to be a very privileged user. It SHOULD not harm you to make
> this
> > user "sa". (It took making it "sa" to get it to go on my end).
> The ODBC on that machine does not have username/password combo. Ver. 3 I
> think.

V3 has two options for Authentication ("How Should SQL Server verify the
Authenticty of the login ID?"):

1. With Windows NT Authentication using the network login ID (this is
the old trusted connection in the older ODBC drivers).

2. With SQL Server authentication user a login ID and password enterd by
the user.

You need to make sure you have the SECOND one checked. That will give
a place to enter a username/password below, but that username/password
ONLY for testing the connection and getting a list of databases for the
next screen. The username/password that EmerAuth will use is configured
in the EmerAuth admin.

As a side note, I prefer the user to NOT be a privledged user. There
was an issue with the liscenses table in Emerald, but if you correct
that, it will work fine.

> > 2) The user you define in the EAADMN.EXE program should NOT be "sa" -- it
> > should be a member of the EmeraldApps group. You will likely have to
> > create a NEW user in Emerald and make it a member of EmeraldApps.
> > Afterwards, verify that this user was created in SQL using Enterprise
> Mgr.
> Done and works fine. BUT I do not have an EmeraldApps group. Put it
> SQL Admin group.

Emerald 2.5 created four groups: Emerald, EmeraldAdmins, EmeraldSecure
EmeraldApps. You might want to look at instperm.sql if you don't have

> > 3) The "license load" issue is due to an omission in Emerald 2.5's early
> > upgrades -- not sure if it is corrected in the current version
> (Dale?).
> > The "EmeraldApps" Group does NOT have "Select" permission on the
> > Table "Liscenses" (sic -- yes, it is misspelled in Emerald), and thus
> > may be unable to verify your license. You will have to add this
> > permission using SQL E.M.
> Not sure what you mean here. I have all upgrades on Emerald SQL
> database. And have used beta verions many times.

He means go into Enterprise Manager, drill down into your Emerald
database and fine the EmeraldApps groups. Select permissions and
find the Liscenses table. Click the check in the Select column
for it and select save.

If you want to send me connection information for your SQL Server
and the machine running NTMail, I'd be happy to connect to them and
see if I can find whats wrong.


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